«I will not rest until I have my father’s body to bury.»


Words from Isaac Mensah, son of Peter Mensah, one of the 56 West African migrants killed in 2005


While the United Nations has reiterated its support for the prosecution of crimes committed in The Gambia under the presidency of Yahya Jammeh, the road to justice in the country is still long. During the last five years spent at TRIAL International, I have constantly been impressed by the courage of the women and men I have met, victims of the worst atrocities, that fight so their rights and those of their family are recognized. Today we cannot back down, the perpetrators of those heinous crimes must answer for their actions.
Isaac Mensah, son of Peter Mensah. © Jason Florio / TRIAL International

Isaac Mensah is the son of one of the 56 West African migrants killed in July 2005, mostly by the “Junglers”, a paramilitary unit under the orders of the former President. For him, as for the other families of the victims, there will be no rest until the truth is revealed and those responsible for the death of their loved ones are brought to justice.

Everyone has the right to rebuild their life and our work goes beyond providing legal assistance to the victims themselves. It enables their relatives to ease the suffering caused by uncertainty, grief and anger. Thanks to your donations, you can help us continue to support people like Isaac who need justice.

Human rights violations are a scourge, in The Gambia and elsewhere, and have repercussions over entire generations. In the case of this massacre, families have been waiting for the truth for over 15 years. Our assistance is crucial, but your support is essential: it enables access to justice and truth!


Exceptionally, you will have until 20 December to see your donations doubled, so don’t hesitate any longer!


Many thanks,

Emeline Escafit, TRIAL International’s Legal Advisor, International Investigations and Litigation
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