«I say that I have given up, but deep down I still hope for his return.»


Words from Ram Maya Nakarmi, whose husband was taken away in 2003


When they came for Padam, Ram Maya Nakarmi’s husband, everything went very quickly. She told me that she begged the security personnel to let her accompany them to the station. They refused but promised that her husband would come back the next day… Since then, 18 years have passed.

©Sabrina Dangol/HRJC

The uncertainty associated with the enforced disappearance of a loved one, this constant back and forth between hope and disillusionment is real psychological torture. This is what Ram Maya and hundreds of other victims in Nepal have endured for years. You can help them to alleviate their suffering and end the uncertainty: support their quest for justice.

Thanks to you, victims of enforced disappearances can make their voices heard. Your support enables them to access truth, justice and reparation. Don’t forget that, until 16 December, your impact is double: every franc paid is worth two!

Access to justice changes lives. Your donation helps victims of enforced disappearances on their way to justice. Every donation counts and makes a difference.

With all my heart, thank you for your support,


Ranjeeta Silwal, TRIAL International’s Human Rights Coordinator based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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