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TRIAL lodges a new complaint against Algeria before the UN Human Rights Committee

18.06.2008 ( Last modified: 18.07.2017 )

The Advocacy Center – TRIAL (ACT) has submitted a seventh individual communication against Algeria to the UN Human Rights Committee. The case relates to the enforced disappearance of Mr Benattia Zerrougui.


The Advocay Center – TRIAL (ACT), representing Benattia ZERROUGUI’s brother, lodged an individual complaint against Algeria before the United Nations Human Rights Committee in June 2008.

Mr. ZERROUGUI disappeared after having been arrested by members of the Algerian police, on 1st June 1995. His family, despite tireless efforts, never obtained from the national authorities any information regarding his fate or whereabouts.

The ACT requests the Human Rights Committee to declare that Algeria violated the fundamental rights of Benattia ZERROUGUI’ as well as his brother’s, and that, as a result, redress should be granted.

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