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After a long career at the International Committee of the Red Cross, from which he was General Secretary from 2010 to 20...
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Elected to the Board of TRIAL International in June 2021, Philippe Bovey has more than 15 years experience in Swiss civi...
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On 17 July 1998, the Rome Statute laid the foundation for the International Criminal Court and the date became the Day o...
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Investigations: an essential part of TRIAL International's work

29.06.2021 - (Last modified: 17.06.2021)
A message from Giulia Soldan, Program Manager, International Investigations and Litigation   TRIAL Internationa...
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At its 2021 General Assembly, TRIAL International elected Leslie Haskell, an international justice lawyer with two decad...
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2020 Activity Report

14.06.2021 - (Last modified: 01.07.2021)
TRIAL International's 2020 Activity Report is now available here. To receive a print copy, please contact TRIAL’s...
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As the trial against Alieu Kosiah opens in Bellinzona, many welcome Switzerland's commitment to international justice. B...
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Virtual exhibition: "The Duty to Remember"

18.11.2020 - (Last modified: 12.01.2021)
Remembrance is an essential step in the transitional justice process. With this in mind, the NGO ANEKED has created "The...
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In March 2011, TRIAL International assisted six Palestinian families with their criminal complaint against the Swiss sub...
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Towards ending corporate impunity?

16.10.2020 - (Last modified: 26.11.2020)
On November 29th, Swiss citizens will be called to the polls. They will notably be asked to vote on the Responsible Busi...
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In November 2013, for the first time in its history, TRIAL International initiated proceedings against a company before...
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Rifaat Al-Assad

Contrary to the other cases of the universal jurisdiction database, TRIAL International is actively involved in this case. Detailed information is therefore available on this page.
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