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Three victories and an invitation

Dear friends,

This new year is starting off to be as troubled as the previous one. That is why this month, we have decided to bring you a series of positive and hopeful news as well as an invitation to a webinar.

Three cases have been won in the past few weeks. A sign that justice remains possible, even in Burundi, despite the well-known deficiencies of its judicial system. The Nepalese case won before the UN Human Rights Committee 15 years after the crimes is also evidence that justice is on its way. This was also witnessed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where a militia leader was found guilty of crimes against humanity.

And what about advancing international justice from Switzerland? Suspected of being involved in the Hama massacre in Syria,  Rifaat al-Assad is the subject of a criminal denunciation filed in Switzerland by TRIAL International. On 22 February, several experts will discuss these events at an online conference. To attend the webinar, please fill in this form.

We hope to see many of you there and wish you a pleasant read,

The TRIAL International team




Justice for the Hama massacre

To commemorate the gruesome anniversary of the massacre, Syrian lawyer Anwar al-Bounni, Chanez Mensous of the NGO Sherpa and our legal expert Jennifer Triscone will discuss the ongoing case against Rifaat al-Assad.

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Rare win for a victim of sexual violence

The positive outcome of such a case is rare enough to be celebrated… without blotting out the structural flaws of the domestic justice system.

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When mining exploitation leads to mass crimes

The mining riches of the east of the country attract violence from armed militia. At mobile court hearings, the local population was able to witness the condemnation of a militia leader.

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Arbitrary detention and torture denounced by the UN

Mr Bagale is a Nepalese policeman who experienced abuses between 2002 and 2006. After countless attempts to obtain justice, this victory at the international level finally ends a cycle of threats and violence.

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