A legal advisor of TRIAL International at the UN

20.02.2019 ( Last modified: 12.03.2019 )

Adrijana Hanušić Bećirović, BiH Senior Legal Advisor at TRIAL International, has been appointed to serve on the Civil Society Advisory Board on prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Committed to integrating civil society in its efforts to combat sexual exploitation and abuse, the United Nations recently established an Advisory Board of selected individuals. On 20 February, Secretary-General António Guterres appointed seven eminent experts, including Adrijana Hanušić Bećirović, Senior Legal Advisor for TRIAL International in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2012.

“The sole thought that there are still, now, acts of sexual abuse and exploitation conducted by the very officials who are supposed to bring peace and protection to conflict zones, seems totally unacceptable”, says Adrijana Hanušić Bećirović. “We must give our best to prevent any such act, and respond appropriately to cases where we have failed to do so. I look forward to contributing in every way possible to this crucial objective.”

One of the board’s functions is to advise the Secretary-General on ways to strengthen preventive measures and accountability mechanisms to combat sexual exploitation and abuse, both by United Nations personnel and by persons outside United Nations forces acting under a Security Council mandate.

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