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Convention on enforced disappearances: Switzerland should ratify as soon as possible!

20.12.2006 ( Last modified: 18.07.2017 )

Geneva, December 20, 2006 – Today, the United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus the International convention for the protection of all persons from enforced disappearances.

TRIAL (Track Impunity Always – Swiss association against impunity) salute s the adoption of this new and very important Human Rights instrument. The organisation calls on the Swiss Federal Council to sign it as soon as possible and to ask the Federal Assembly to ratify it in order for Switzerland to be one of the first 20 States to do so, before the Convention will enter into force.

– For more details, see the press statements in French[backPid]=1188&cHash=97063c9039

– For the text of the convention, see the English or the French version (pdf)

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