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Irma Leticia Hidalgo Rea v. Mexico In the night between 10 and 11 January 2011, a group of heavily armed men broke i...
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The Gambia: ex-president tied to the killing of 59 migrants

12.03.2021 - (Last modified: 07.05.2021)
The session of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission on the massacre of 59 migrants from eight West Afric...
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Nigerian victim testifies at The Gambia Truth Commission

03.03.2021 - (Last modified: 16.03.2021)
A Nigerian man whose brother was among about 59 West African migrants killed in The Gambia in 2005 by a paramilitary uni...
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Gambia: 2005 massacre of migrants under the scrutiny of the TRRC

24.02.2021 - (Last modified: 25.02.2021)
The Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission (TRRC) will hold hearings at its current session which be...
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Mr. Rohit Koirala, aged around 32 years, was a resident of Sunsari, an eastern district of Nepal. A vocal advocate again...
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It has been 14 years since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord which formally ended the armed conflict. Howeve...
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Virtual exhibition: "The Duty to Remember"

18.11.2020 - (Last modified: 12.01.2021)
Remembrance is an essential step in the transitional justice process. With this in mind, the NGO ANEKED has created "The...
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Each 30 August, the world remembers that enforced disappearances is a widespread crime in many countries. Often used to...
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Yahya Jammeh

Contrary to the other cases of the universal jurisdiction database, TRIAL International is actively involved in this case. Detailed information is therefore available on this page.

Yahya Jammeh

29.07.2020 - (Last modified: 06.04.2021)
Facts Yahya Jammeh was born in 1969 in Kanilai in Gambia. In 1984, he entered gendarmerie and gradually made his way to the top, reaching the position of commander of the military police, a position which he held between 1991 and 1992. On 22 July 1994, he came to power following a coup d’état. A transitional government was subsequently established and lasted until 19...

Enforced disappearances in Burundi, a widespread practice

28.07.2020 - (Last modified: 05.01.2021)
Since 2015, several political opponents and activists have disappeared without a trace. Burundian authorities, which hav...
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Suleiman Al-Yusuf

28.07.2020 - (Last modified: 29.07.2020)
Facts Suleiman Al-Yusuf is a colonel in the Syrian army. He was one of the nine high-level Syrian members of the security and intelligence forces in a Spanish case for alleged international crimes committed in in Syria since 2011. On 17 February 2013, Abdulmuemen Alhaj Hamdo, a Syrian national born in Idleb, disappeared while delivering goods between the municipal...
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