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Swiss trader rubs shoulders with smuggling network, and other news


Dear friends,

Sometimes our fight against impunity feels like David against Goliath. This month, we bring you news of investigations against a powerful Swiss trader and a network of gasoil smugglers; of trying to curb deeply entrenched negationism in the public space; of exploring unknown legal territory for the sake of victims' rights...

Are NGOs under-resourced to take up these battles? Yes. Does it feel like other actors, starting with State authorities, should be taking a more active role? Certainly. But does it mean we will give up? Never.

Thanks to your support, we are giving it our best shot. With your help, we will keep fighting on the side of victims for as long as it takes.

Best wishes,

The TRIAL International team





Corporate responsibility

Smuggling Lybian gasoil: a Swiss trader navigates through troubled waters


TRIAL International and Public Eye uncover business transactions in 2014 and 2015 between the Swiss trader Kolmar Group AG and a network of Libyan gasoil smugglers.

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Negationism has no place in the public sphere 


Regulation should prohibit the denial of genocide and war crimes in the public sphere. TRIAL International and ForumZFD open the debate with their new report.

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Exploring new avenues for Burundian victims


The African Commission and Court on Human and People’s Rights protect the fundamental freedoms of individuals. TRIAL International is exploring whether they could represent hope for victims in Burundi.

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Complementarity is the future of NGOs in the fight against impunity 


NGOs have a fundamentally different, and often complementary role to that of institutional or academic actors. How does this complementarity work? 

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