Building up capacities for human rights defenders

31.05.2016 ( Last modified: 03.11.2016 )


TRIAL International believes that international law, when mastered and put at the service of victims, has the power to bring justice back to those it has been taken away from.

This is why the NGO has launched comprehensive legal trainings in all the countries where it has developed in-depth legal programs.

Intended to key civil society actors, their aim is to foster capacity-building, reinforce the rule of law from within and offer human rights defenders all the necessary tools to defend victims of grave violations on the ground.

Whether it be in Nepal, Burundi, Bosnia and Herzegovina or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the human rights defenders trained by TRIAL International give their voice back to victims and contribute to the fight against impunity.

Our Storify aims to reflect the richness of these trainings, that contribute step by step to bringing justice to all.


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