International Women’s Rights Day: what does TRIAL International do?


On 8 March for International Women’s Rights Day, TRIAL International reiterates its unyielding support to all women around the world fighting for their rights. Whether they are survivors, activists or whistleblowers, our support would be nothing without their courage and dedication. We are proud to be on their side in a variety of ways.

TRIAL International fights every day alongside women who struggle for their rights. ©Aubrey Graham/ IRIN


Defending survivors before domestic jurisdictions

A rare win for a victim of sexual violence in Burundi

Rape of a minor: sergeant of the Congolese army sentenced to 14 years in prison

Bosnia and Herzegovina: two men convicted for wartime rape in Foča


Denouncing violence to international audiences

Bosnia’s failure in supporting survivors of wartime sexual violence condemned by the UN

Nepal’s legislation on sexual violence is insufficient and poorly implemented

What War Does to Women: new book highlights the plague of conflict-related sexual violence


Fighting stigmatization and stereotyping

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, stigmatization persists for victims of wartime sexual violence

Sexual violence: the importance of words

Rape myths in wartime sexual violence trials


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