“Justice is not just a buzzword”


In the multitude of human rights NGOs, what makes TRIAL International unique? Sibylle, a regular sponsor, explains why she chose to support the fight against impunity.


TRIAL: In your opinion, what distinguishes TRIAL International from other NGOs?

Sibylle: I have known the NGO for more than 10 years, and I have seen it grow and evolve. I have always been interested in human rights and their defense. The prosecution of criminals is a crucial component, that is why TRIAL’s mission is of particular interest to me.


In what way does TRIAL’s mission touch you?

TRIAL’s mission is clear: it has a specific mandate and does not impinge on the prosecutor’s role. Contrary to larger NGOs, TRIAL is grappling with issues in the field directly, especially with its offices at Bukavu and Sarajevo. This shows that justice is tangible, not just the prerogative of distant courts at the Hague. From a personal point of view, the attitude of the associates seems particularly noteworthy and full of respect for the victims that they defend. It is a combination of professionalism and modesty, courage and humility, qualities that are particularly meaningful to me.


You have known TRIAL International for a long time. What changes have you noticed?

TRIAL has grown and become more proficient. It has also become more visible, especially since the sentencing of Erwin Sperisen in 2016. This event in particular showed that justice
was not just a buzzword but that concrete actions could have a direct impact on the course of events.

Another example of manifest results is TRIAL International’s cooperation with the hospital of Dr Mukwege in Panzi (DRC). These people fight daily in the field, so the support of NGOs like TRIAL International enables them to continue their work.


Do you see the situation of NGOs evolving in the future?

In the media, one story gives way to another. NGOs raise awareness differently and build long-term change. They are there to remind the public of the issues that do not make the headlines.

I believe that NGOs will become more and more significant in the future. As we witness atrocities, our world seems to be losing its bearings. NGOs like TRIAL are here to sound the alarm and condemn such violations. It may be too late to prevent the ongoing carnage, but I am convinced that a thriving justice can prevent them from occurring in the future.


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