“Hama 82 belongs to a long story of injustice”

12.07.2018 ( Last modified: 19.12.2018 )

On 2 February 1982, Syrian government forces, including the Defense Brigades, attacked the city of Hama to crush opponents to the regime who had taken up arms.

For almost a month, civilians were trapped into their city, unable to get any help, food, supply, nor electricity… Civil casualties ranged from 10’000 to 40’000, depending on the sources.

Hamid Sulaiman, a Syrian artist born in Damascus, is one of the “young dreamers of the Arab spring”. He was not yet born when Hama 82 massacre took place, but it still resonates with him like “a ghost of terror”. Forced to flee Syria in 2011, he settled in Paris where he recently published his first graphic novel based on his experience.


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